Red Retroreflective Coded Targets

iWitnessPRO incorporates the use of re-usable red retroreflective coded targets (RRCT); with codes corresponding to numbers 1 through 48.

RRCT’s work excellent for image-based 3D modeling as well as for very-low-flying drone calibrations. 

The standard set of quantity 48, RRCT’s are mounted on 2mm black styrene “backers”.

Beginning in ‘PRO V3, all codes numbered 1 to 981 can be utilized with construction point offsets, making them usable as optional “targets”. 

The standard set of codes 1 to 48 are sold for $119.00 which includes shipping fees anywhere in the United States.

For inquiries or to order, use the Contact Us form, and we will provide you the online payment link.