30″ length precision Photogrammetric Scale Bar Set

iWitnessPRO Scale Bars

3D models accurately scaled

Designed by DeChant Consulting Services (DCS) Inc., the 31″ (787.4mm) length aluminum scale bars work excellent for photogrammetric scaling. The targets are spaced 30″ (762mm) apart . The red retro reflective target diameters are 5/16″ (8mm).

The two scale bars are sold as a set and are automatically measured in iWitnessPRO, or optionally semi-automatically measured with iWitness.

The scale bar red retro reflective targets are protected with special protective covers that rotate, exposing the targets for use, or alternatively to cover the targets for protection and storage. The scale bar assembly is durable, easy to ship and store. Each scale bar is made from aluminum L-bar and machined with a 1/4″ x 20 threaded insert, so the scale bar can be optionally mounted to most camera tripod studs. The image below provides an example of tripod mounting.


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Purchasing (domestic):
The Scale Bar set is shipped anywhere within the USA for $99.00, and also shipping fees.

Purchasing (international):
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