iWitnessPRO Photogrammetry Software

iWitnessPRO is is an affordable and automated close-range photogrammetry software system. iWitnessPRO allows the user to achieve accurate, fully automatic measurement of both targetless, and targeted feature points while retaining all the flexibility contained within the manual and operator assisted measurement functions of iWitness.

With iWitnessPRO, digital surface modeling (DSM) of thousands of points in hundreds of images can be processed on your PC in a short period of time. This leads to rapid, accurate and reliable 3D measurement results and it also provides the operator with the option to easily manually extract additional feature points of interest within the point cloud.

iWitnessPRO is capable of producing a DSM and exporting as an .LAS, .PLY mesh, and also an orthomosaic (orthoimage).

Depending on your project accuracy requirements from UAV missions, scaling can optionally be achieved through automatic measurement of ground control points, the drone’s GPS (EXIF) long/lat coordinates, or by the traditional referencing of 3D object points. Additionally, a DSM can also be generated from ground-based images for many applications, such as exemplar and crush vehicle modeling in accident reconstruction, facades in heritage recording and many other applications.

As with iWitness, iWitnessPRO can be used with any digital camera, or drone camera for UAS missions.

Photogrammetry mapping

Non-contact Vehicle Crush Mapping with a digital camera

iWitnessPRO affords all of the functionality of iWitness. For the main differences between iWitness and iWitnessPRO, see the comparison page.

Coded Target Technology:
iWitnessPRO can utilize re-usable red retro-reflective coded targets. iWitnessPRO is also capable of measuring both Passive black on white, or white on black printed coded targets.  Coded targets can be distributed throughout the measurement volume to mark specific points of interest, which do not require referencing by the operator.

Project Accuracy:
The accuracy typically produced with iWitnessPRO, using red retro targets, a DSLR camera and a prime lens is 1:40,000 of the size of the object.

For Digital Surface Modeling from UAV/drones, measurement uncertainty is typically in the 1 to 3 cm range, depending on the flight, the specific UAV and photogrammetric scale.

Operating Requirements:
iWitnessPRO runs on 64-bit Microsoft Windows® 7 / 8 / 10 Operating Systems with a minimum 8Gb of RAM. 16Gb or more is recommended for Dense Surface Matching.