iWitness Photogrammetry Software

iWitness close-range photogrammetry users manual and digital media

iWitness V4 is an affordable software system for accurate 3D measurement using photogrammetry. This easy-to-use and flexible system accommodates any frame camera, any scale of photography and any size of object or scene, from small forensic detail at a crime scene to scenes recorded from low-level aerial photography, notably from drones/UAVs.

The iWitness system has a proven track record as the premier image-based mapping system for accident reconstruction and forensic measurement, with other applications being in engineering measurement, modeling for animation, land surveying, archaeology, industrial reverse-engineering and heritage recording.

iWitness incorporates advanced digital photogrammetric techniques, Click here to review the features.

point cloud

Point Cloud 3D Modeling in iWitness

For the main differences between iWitness and iWitnessPRO, see the comparison page.

iWitness and iWitnessPRO also include two photogrammetric add-on programs (XYRectify and Zaraf) for image rectification, and a pre-processor software used to ensure analog scanned image pixels are square.

Operating Requirements:
iWitness runs on 64-bit Microsoft Windows® 7 / 8 / 10 Operating Systems with a minimum  4Gb of RAM. 16Gb of RAM or more, is recommended for Dense Surface Modeling.