iWitness Applications

Police Crash Reconstruction using the iWitness close-range photogrammetry software

iWitness has been an integral part of accident reconstruction and forensic measurement for over a dozen years. Because of its ease-of-use and flexibility, iWitness is well suited to many other close-range photogrammetry and UAV applications.

  • Crash Scene Recording for 3d scaled diagrams
  • UAV/Drone Mapping
  • Engineering measurement (e.g., reverse engineering modeling, structural deformation monitoring, plant facility documentation, canvas cover manufacturing)
  • Architectural and archaeological measurement (e.g., heritage recording, computer reconstruction of historical buildings and artifacts)
  • Biomedical measurement
  • 3D documentation in support of virtual reality modeling

Below are a few of the diverse fields where iWitness is being used.

Accident Reconstruction

  • 3D modeling of Sightline Obstruction in litigation cases

  • Reduce incident management time by utilizing an image-based measurement system

  • Measure images accurately from unknown cameras using iWitness’ “FOOM”

  • Map accident scenes for creating 3D CAD diagrams

  • Create 3D models of vehicles and objects for court litigation

  • Measure distance and vehicle crush profiling to determine Equivalent Barrier Speed (EBS)

UAV – 40-image LAS file from iWitness

Architectural, and Archaeological Measurement

  • Heritage recording with photo-realistic texturing or Digital Surface Modeling

  • Create 3D models and precise non-contact measurement of artifacts

  • Create section/elevation measurements for CAD drawings

  • Create 3D models for visualization and animation

Façade – (Dense Surface Model) from ground-based photography and iWitness


  • Create 3D models of crime scenes

  • Archive crime scene evidence for analysis at a later date

  • Mapping interior crime scenes

  • Perform measurements of homicide scenes, evidence and bullet trajectories

iWitness result in CAD

Reverse Engineering

  • 3D-Modeling Canvas Boat Covers

  • Artificial Turf measurements for CAD layout

  • Fabrication of Safety Covers for pools

  • Combine 3D modeling capabilities with total stations and laser scanners

  • Create accurate CAD drawings for plant layout and machinery

  • Survey facilities for plant as-built and engineering modifications

3D-Modeling Canvas Boat Covers

Reverse engineering for CAD drawings
State Patrol examples
iWitness in litigation
Analog photographs and digital camera images from unknown cameras