Photogrammetry Field Marker Targets (FMTs)

Field Marker Targets for iWitness & iWitnessPRO

Field Marker Targets (FMTs) can be used with both iWitness & iWitnessPRO photogrammetry software systems. FMTs are designed for law enforcement and private reconstruction practioner’s photogrammetric measurement in tall field grass, which is typically adjacent highway shoulders and median areas involving crash evidence. FMTs work excellent with iWitness when combined with natural feature marking or with the Weighted Style Markers and/or Cone Style Markers.

Other image-based surveying uses of FMTs include the investigation of outdoor burn (char) patterns, involving fire investigations.

FMTs consist of a fiberglass rod 32″ (81cm) long, with a detachable white dot-marker placard that is semi-automatically measured to sub-pixel accuracy within iWitness. The photogrammetric white dots are concentric to each side. The placard can optionally be removed for storage, based on the two retaining clips. FMTs are durable and easy to deploy in the field.

Photogrammetry Field Target Markers used for incident mapping and CAD diagramming

iWitness mapping – image courtesy of Indiana State Police (ISP)

Field Target Markers for iWitness image-based mapping



The Indiana State Police was able to accurately map this interstate incident faster using the iWitness image-based measurement approach, by one trooper vs. two troopers using a total station.

iWitness Field Target Markers for crash scene investigation

Field marker Targets mapping tire ruts – (image provided by ISP)



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