AutoCal Calibration Placards

AutoCal Calibration Placards

Camera calibration using iWitness and AutoCal placards is a fully automatic, ‘one-click’ process.

iWitness supports iWitness Auto Cal placards for camera calibrationautomatic camera calibration using specially designed AutoCal placards from ‘coded targets’. Following the recording of half a dozen or so images of an array of the 12 card-sized color-coded targets, which can be distributed on a floor or wall, the image-measurement phase and subsequent photogrammetric data processing proceeds fully automatically. Calibration results are obtained within a matter of seconds, with the entire process being both very simple and rapid, while producing accurate and reliable results.

Auto Cal camera calibration process for the iWitness photogrammetry software system












The Auto Cal set is $99.00 and shipping fees.

Purchasing (domestic):
The AutoCal set is shipped anywhere within the USA for $99.00, and shipping fees.

Purchasing (international):
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