iWitness and iWitnessPRO
Photogrammetry Training Workshops

DeChant Consulting Services offers iWitness and iWitnessPRO workshops at customer’s facilities. Our training workshops are offered both domestically and internationally. Contact us for cost and scheduling -- email: sales@iwitnessphoto.com, or phone #425-637-1865.

To participate, you will need to have a notebook computer with full administrator rights to install the iWitness/iWitnessPRO software. An optical scroll wheel mouse is also required. iWitness/iWitnessPRO can be purchased online - click here.

iWitness is the easiest close-range photogrammetry program available for learning and building image-based measurements and 3D-models. iWitness was designed specifically for non-photogrammetrists. The program uses the most powerful and sophisticated features available but does so through a graphical-user-interface that is easy to use. The software program can be self-taught with the provided video demo example, users manual and easy-to-use Help Menu by anyone with basic computer skills.

If you are looking to "fast track" your understanding of iWitness or to develop a deeper understanding of its capabilities, please explore our training options discussed below.

The Fast-track to iWitness

In today's fast-paced business environment, many customers need to quickly and efficiently become experts in iWitness. As the co-developer of iWitness, DeChant Consulting Services (DCS) is best qualified to get your organization up and running with close-range photogrammetry using iWitness or iWitnessPRO.

DCS iWitness instructor with police officersDCS has a long successful history of offering its iWitness training work- shops at customer's facilities. The iWitness training workshops cover the software's user-functionality, including photogrammetric classroom theory, as well as practical exercises from all facets of picture taking to exporting the iWitness 3D-model to CAD. In addition, the training workshop covers other advanced close-range photogrammetric topics such as camera calibration, field use tips, digital and analog cameras, night photography for photogrammetry, use of iWitness with total stations / lasers, working with advanced tools such as polylines and photo-texturing, project review (auditing) and much more. iWitnessPRO (PRO) is an additional one-day of training for customers that have purchased the upgrade to PRO.

With over 25 years in the field of close-range photogrammetry, DCS has a proven track record of implementing close-range photogrammetric systems in multiple fields, including the military and commerical aerospace industry; customized applications in the stairlift and automotive industries as well as state, local and county law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and Canada. DCS has provided turn-key photogrammetric systems for its customers, including specialized photogrammetric software and hardware development, photogrammetric consulting as well as teaching close-range photogrammetry to government agencies; at department of justice academies; universities; community colleges as well as in the private business sector in the United States and other countries.

The iWitness Workshop Outline

1) General Overview of the iWitness close-range photogrammetry system using film and digital cameras

2) Day & Night Photography requirements

3) Introduction to the iWitness User Interface tools

4) Working with already acquired images (and understanding EXIF use in iWitness)

5) Manual and Automatic Centroid Marking digital images - used with iWitness' fully automatic camera orientation & bundle adjustment (triangulation) processing

6) Model integrity checking (Quality Assurance checks using the "Edit Review Mode" function)

7) Applying project scale, measuring, model rotation "3-2-1", and Z-axis target offsetting - used with combined total station control point data

8) Working with the 3D Points List and the 3D Graphics Viewer

9) The iWitness model exporting options in report and CAD formats

10) iWitness semi automatic and fully automatic Camera Calibration methods

11) The iWitness requirements for proper field work and imaging

12) Accomplishing field projects from ‘Photos to CAD diagram' using iWitness and The Crash Zone

13) iWitness' Project Network 1D, 2D, 3D 'Stitching' (linking multiple projects using the "Transformation to Control" dialog, and the "Project Linking" dialog)

14) Using Polylines (free form and facet form)

15) Review of Photo-realistic Texturing capabilities in iWitness

16) Introduction to working with film cameras, ZARAF, and XYRectify

17) Advanced Tools and Concepts within the iWitness program

18) Workshop Q&A wrap up session

19) Introduction of fully automatic measurement using iWitnessPRO (Upgrade option)

The iWitnessPRO Workshop Outline (optional - with satisfactory completion of the iWitness training). Call for details.

20) Automatic measurement (R++) using RGB codes, MFPTs, MPTs, PT targets and natural feature referencing

21) Camera requirements and camera settings

22) Image Scanning and Auto-measurement Setttings

23) Field Project imaging through DXF exporting to CAD

24) Working with the 5.8mm and 7.91mm codes

25) Working with the Code Magic Editor and .dat files

Training Prerequisite:
The only prerequisite for the iWitness Basic Training Workshop is attendees must have a working knowledge of PC operation with either: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 Operating Systems. Experience with CAD diagramming programs is also helpful, but is not a requirement for the DCS iWitness photogrammetry workshop.

Cost and class size requirements:
minimum fee is for six training seats per workshop. Contact us via phone or email for our iWitness training fees. Police departments are welcome to request a quotation. Contact sales@iwitnessphoto.com for additional information regarding the DCS iWitness and iWitnessPRO training workshops.

Training Certificates provided and Certified Education Units (CEU's)

For Accident Reconstructionists who are certified with the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstructionists (ACTAR), www.actar.org, the DCS - iWitness workshop qualifies for 18 ACTAR CEU's. Click here for the guidelines in receiving the CEU credits.

The DCS iWitness workshop comes complete with training manuals and training certificates for the training workshop attendees.

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