iWitnessPRO DEMO

Interested in the free iWitnessPRO V3 DEMO?

Please email sales@iwitnessphoto.com to request the full working, 30-day demonstration version of iWitnessPRO. To request the iWitnessPRO demo version, you will need to email us your name, mailing address, phone number and your field of intended use of iWitnessPRO. In your email "Subject line", please type: iWitnessPRO DEMO REQUEST. Please note: If the requested information isn't provided, the demo download link will most likely not be emailed.

We recommend you watch the iWitnessPRO tutorial movie to learn about the automatic measurement process via coded targets.

After you run the DEMO Installer, the iWitnessPRO tutorial images are installed on your computer at: C:\iWitnessPRO Projects\Demonstration B. You can follow along using the exact same images as illustrated in the iWitness PRO tutorial video for Demonstration B. There are two demonstration videos in the iWitnessPRO installer - (Demonstration A and B). You can also optionally calibrate your own digital camera, and perform your own 3D measurement projects.

The iWitnessPRO DEMO allows all of the functionality of iWitness.

The DEMO version of iWitnessPRO is offered for free, for trial use towards purchase. It is not offered for commercial, litigation or educational use.