iWitnessPRO Applications

iWitnessPRO - fully automatic measaurement of RGB (color) Images

With its "one button" fully automatic processing, iWitnessPRO is well suited to high-accuracy close-range photogrammetry applications in accident reconstruction and forensic measurement.

iWitnessPRO can be used in many applications and fields were precise, fully automatic image-based measurements are required using color digital imagery.

Reverse Engineering

  • Create 3D models for flight analysis
  • Create 3D models for boat cover fabrication


      • Perform automatic measurements of homicide scenes, evidence and bullet trajectories

      • Using coded target technology, automatically measure and 3D model crime scenes

      • Archive crime scene evidence for analysis at a later date

      Accident Reconstruction
      • Create 3D models of vehicles and objects simply by clicking the camera shutter button in combination to the 'one-click' measurement processing of iWitnessPRO
      • Measure distance and vehicle crush profiling to determine Equivalent Barrier Speed (EBS)
      • Automatically 3D Model object features such as exemplar vehicles in a fraction of the time of traditional methods to thousandths of an inch accuracy.

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