iWitnessPRO-Agilis Applications

iWitnessPRO-Agilis - fully automatic measurement from UAV Images

With only a few mouse-clicks, iWitnessPRO-Agilis produces fully automatic UAV photogrammetric networks.

iWitnessPRO-Agilis can be used in a multitude of measurement and 3D modeling applications in diverse fields. such as law enforcement, land surveying, industrial construction projects, fire investigations, building inspections and many other uses.

iWitnessPRO-Agilis works within a user-defined, local coordinate system (with or without GPS), as well as with a drone's onboard GPS camera coordinates, or a drone's still-mounted camera, and also the option of working from surveyed ground control points. Further, as a post-process step, 3D triangulated or monoplotted points can be optionally added to the point cloud at anytime in the future.

Below are forensic mapping examples provided by our customers, in law enforcement use.

Accident Reconstruction from UAV images

  • Create Digital Surface Models (DSM) from low-cost UAV drones.
  • Optionally add new 3D triangulated or monoplotted feature points weeks, months and even years after the project was originally imaged.

  • Output the project as .PTS, .LAS, .PLY, or DXF and import into your favorite CAD system.