iWitnessPRO-Agilis Applications

iWitnessPRO-Agilis - fully automatic Digital Surface Model point clouds from UAV imaging

iWitnessPRO-Agilis offers a fast, reliable, flexible and cost-effective means to map traffic accidents from photographs captured from a UAV/drone.

The following noted accident occurred when a pick-up truck ran a red light and was hit mid-intersection by a SUV that was proceeding on a green light. The collision caused the truck to veer on to the side where it struck and injured a pedestrian.

The first Investigators on the scene marked and painted vehicle locations on the roadway, tire marks and physical evidence relevant to the vehicle collision. This prepping of the scene was carried out while the Emergency Medical Technicians treated and transported the victims to the hospital.

A forensic collision reconstruction expert then used a police drone to record aerial photography of the scene, the on-site preparation time for the drone deployment being only 15 minutes. The data processing for the automated photogrammetric mapping and documentation of the accident scene was then carried out, with all necessary surveying data being produced within 30 minutes. Diagramming was then performed after the resulting 3D point cloud had been imported into a CAD system.

In comparison to traditional accident scene surveying and documentation methods, the use of the UAV-photogrammetry saved a significant amount of time both on scene and back in the office. The UAV approach is estimated to be, on average, about three times faster on scene than operations with total stations and conventional tapes.

The associated disruption to commerce caused by road closures is thus significantly reduced in the UAV-photogrammetry approach, with the required accuracy of measurement of a few centimeters being readily achieved. The complementary high reliability of multi-image photogrammetry, coupled with the fact that the photography offers an irrefutable, permanent visual and metric record is a further compelling advantage of UAV-photogrammetry for accident scene mapping.

To review a PDF slide presentation of this incident, click here: iWitnessPRO_Agilis_Aerial_Mapping.pdf.

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