Non-Contact Facet-Form Polylines and Photo-Realistic Texture Mapping

This iWitness project was carried out by DeChant Consulting Services - DCS Inc., (Bellevue, WA). Click here to see the VRML model result.

The project consisted of minimal 3D object points marked in the digital images, relying upon the powerful iWitness Facet-Form Polyline capabilities to "trace the geometry" for 3D Texture Mapping. The network consisted of 31 camera positions, imaged with a Nikon D200 and 17mm lens.

Once the images were oriented in iWitness, each polyline was measured. With the 3D polyline wireframe created, the user clicks on the polylines and iWitness assigns textures to the 3D geometry in the 3D Graphics View, as shown below.

The yellow bold lines are some of the facet-form polylines in iWitnessDigital image with iWitness polylines

Facet-Form Polylines in iWitness' 3D Graphics View

Texture mapped 3D Model accomplished in iWitness' 3D Graphics ViewResult of polylines in iWitness' 3D graphics view

The result of the project can be exported from iWitness in the VRML format and used in virtual reality modeling.Texture mapping in iWitness' 3D graphics view

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