Using iWitness to map crash scenes at night

iWitness used for mapping a head-on fatality incident

Using low-cost, off-the-shelf digital camera technology, in combination with iWitness, crash scenes can be accurately mapped in minutes. In this particular crash fatality involving three vehicles, DCS evidence markers recorded key accident-scene locations and marked natural features in the digital pictures for the photogrammetrical scene diagramming process. The police and DOT pictures from this incident were taken in approximately ten minutes with a hand-held digital camera.

When auxiliary lighting is not available at the scene, iWitness can produce equally impressive image results with a low-cost camera tripod and extended image exposures. For larger scenes, including crash scenes tens of meters in overall length, iWitness incorporates special photogrammetric utility tools which enable the program to accurately 'stitch' long scenes together.

The images below are the DXF exported results of the iWitness photogrammetry measurements, imported and completed in the CAD Zone Crash Zone diagramming program.

iWitness-to-CAD Plan View

iWitness result in CAD 3D view

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