iWitness, iWitnessPRO and iWitnessPRO-Agilis Applications

iWitness is an integral part of accident reconstruction and forensic measurement work. Because of its ease-of-use and flexibility, iWitness is well suited to many other close-range photogrammetry applications.

  • Engineering measurement (e.g., reverse engineering modeling, structural deformation monitoring, plant facility documentation, canvas cover manufacturing).
  • Architectural and archaeological measurement (e.g., heritage recording, computer reconstruction of historical buildings and artifacts).
  • Biomedical measurement
  • 3D documentation in support of virtual reality modeling.
  • UAV Photogrammetry

Scroll through the below to review the diverse fields where iWitnessPRO-Agilis, iWitnessPRO and iWitness are being used.

Click here for example projects of iWitnessPRO-Agilis.

  • Review project examples of fully automatic UAV measurement with iWitnessPRO-Agilis

    Click here for example projects of iWitnessPRO.

    • Review project examples of fully automatic measurement with iWitnessPRO

      Reverse Engineering

      • Pool Cover fabrication measurements

      Accident Reconstruction
      • 3D modeling of Sightline Obstruction in litigation cases

      • Reduce incident management time by utilizing an image-based measurement system

      • Measure images accurately from unknown cameras using iWitness' "FOOM"
      • Map accident scenes for creating 3D CAD diagrams

      • Create 3D models of vehicles and objects for court litigation

      • Measure distance and vehicle crush profiling to determine Equivalent Barrier Speed (EBS)

      Case study where iWitness was important in litigation

      Fatality Mapping by police using iWitness

      Crash Fatality Mapping by WCSD

      • Perform non-contact measurements of homicide scenes, evidence and bullet trajectories

      • Create 3D models of crime scenes

      • Archive crime scene evidence for analysis at a later date
      • Create rectified images from oblique images of planar surfaces (using XYRectify available in iWitnessPRO)

      • Mapping interior crime scenes automatically (iWitnessPRO)

      Architectural, and Archaeological Measurement

      • Heritage recording with photo-realistic texture modeling
      • Create 3D models and precise non-contact measurement of artifacts
      • Survey facilities for plant as-built and engineering modifications
      • Create section/elevation measurements for CAD drawings

      • Create 3D models for visualization and animation

      Virtual Reality Modeling
      • Generate 3D photo-realistic models of existing objects for virtual reality modeling (VRML)

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