iWitness measures an auto/pedestrian fatality

The presentation in the below link, discusses the merits of “Close-Range Photogrammetry” as a cost effective tool for accident scene recording and reconstruction.

The event is based on a real-world auto/pedestrian fatality that occurred in 2006.

Noteworthy is the fact that law enforcement investigators at this incident did not physically measure the evidence, (e.g., the point of impact, tire marks, position of the victim, scattered clothing, etc.) The officers did, however, take a series of digital camera images from different view points of the road evidence, which they identified with orange spray paint.

The officer’s digital camera images were measured using iWitness, approximately one-year after the incident. Additionally, iWitness was also used to ‘map’ the street intersection and all adjacent objects i.e., sidewalks, curbs, street corner monuments, trees, bushes, fences, ditches, houses, signage, street lights, lane lines, and more. Five-hundred feet of the roadway was mapped using iWitness; accomplished by just one person. The iWitness 3D data and resulting CAD diagram were then used by an accident reconstruction practitioner to evaluate and render an opinion on the circumstances involved in the incident.

Click here for the PDF slide presentation (4Mb)

Auto_Ped_iWitness mapping