Triplet Offset Targets -- .15" Dot Dia

.15" dot Triplet Offset Targets (Triplets) can be used when the camera-to-target range does not extend beyond about 10' or 3m when using a consumer grade DSLR cameras and a lens of 18-24mm focal length. The .15" Triplets are used on smaller projects, as compared to the larger .25" Triplet Offset Target configuration. Triplets are used specifically with iWitnessPRO. We recommend at least a 12Mp DSLR camera when using .15" dot Triplets.

iWitnessPRO O|M Triplet by DCS Inc

Triplet Offset Targets are made from red retroreflective material and are production die cut to provide high 3D measurement accuracy when combined with iWitnessPRO. Triplets can be purchased as plastic-mounted, hard-backed or as removable, adhesive-backed. The hard back is formed from .02" thick black plastic, and the target can be re-used as many times as required. The adhesive style Triplet target can also be re-used. .

We recommend customers own a set of the .15" as well as the .25" Triplet Offset Target configurations used with iWitnessPRO.

.25" (left) and .15" (right) Triplet Offset Targets

Triplet Offset Targets can also be combined with PPTs, MFPTs and FPTs in the same project as well as natural feature marking.

Hard-backer designed Triplet Offset Targets are sold for $89.00 per 100 units a set. The adhesive style are 100 units per set, and zip lock bagged - please call for ordering the adhesive style units. The hard-backer style are sold online, as 100 individual targets.

Shipments are typically made within 48 hours of receipt of the order.

To order, use the Online method

Triplets are shipped via USPS.

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