iWitnessPRO Spinner Codes

Spinner Codes: 360 degree rotable codes for use in iWitnessPROiWitnessPRO Spinner Codes are typically utilized with a larger number of traditional style coded targets to facilitate and optimize the automatic measurement process. The design is rotatable about their vertical axis and are mounted on a special base. Spinner codes are temporarily secured in the scene during measurement. As the photographer acquires the digital images, the codes are rotated so that they're seen in as much as 360 degrees horizontally during the photography. Spinner codes act as "tie-in" targets to network all the images in combination with the traditional style iWitnessPRO codes. The collinear dots can also be used with iWitness for the same purpose of tie-in targets.

Some applications of spinner code use in forensics include measuring interior rooms for 3D modeling homicide scenes. Another useful, fully automatic measurement application, is vehicle crush modeling in accident reconstruction to calculate equivalent barrier speed (EBS) from the photo-measured damage as compared to the vehicle's design specifications.

Spinner codes work excellent in combination with the automatically measured magnetic feature point targets and passive targets in iWitnessPRO as well as the manual mode of measuring natural features using the traditional cursor marking method.

Spinner codes are identified with a special code number that iWitnessPRO utilizes, being numbers 145 to 157. All spinner codes sell as a "set" of quantity 12. Optional quantities up to code 165 (total 19) can be special ordered - contact sales@iwitnessphoto.com for more information.


Spinner Codes #145 to #157 are available for $139.00.


USA Orders: To order within the USA, use the Online ordering method. Shipments are typically made within 48 hours of receipt of order, depending upon stock availability.

International Orders: Click here to order.
All orders are confirmed with the customer prior to charging their credit card. Shipping weights are additionally calculated in the total fee charged to customers credit card.

Shipping weight information:
Codes #145 to 157: approximately 4 pds (1.81 kg)

Delivery Time:
iWitnessPRO spinner coded targets are shipped via FedEx Ground and arrive at their destination within 4 days of shipping within the USA and generally within 5 to 7 business days for international destinations. The customer is emailed with the tracking number for the shipment

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