Triplet Offset Targets Used for Measuring Features withing a Shower Recess

Triplet Offset Targets (Triplets) facilitate automatic 3D measurement of untargetable features, where it is difficult to accurately place a single target (such as at right-angled corners, edges and circular fixtures). This project, which involved 3D measurement of feature points within a shower recess, utilized a consumer grade digital camera with a moderately wide field-of-view lens.

It took approximately 20 minutes to target via triplets the points of interest in the shower enclosure, a further 15 minutes to record the images, and then approximately 3 minutes to automatically process the Triplets in iWitnessPRO to produce the 3D feature point coordinates.


Click here to see a sample image of this project and also the DXF exported result from iWitnessPRO, illustrated in CAD (Rhino3D).

Click here to see a movie of the features 3D modeled, using iWitnessPRO.

Triplet Offset Targets are ideally suited for 3D Modeling in as-built surveys and reverse engineering of cabinetry, woodworking, granite surface tops and many other applications that require accurate and low-cost 3D dimensional modeling.

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