Red-Retroreflective Targets & iWitnessPRO Codes

Red Retroreflective Targets and Codes are now offered in different target designs including two different code configurations in the standard 7.91mm and the new 5.8mm diameter dots.

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Red Retro Reflective Sheet Targets (Adhesive backed - removable), 1 & 3/16" square, 3/8" dot, Qty 480.

Red Retro Reflective Strip Tape Targets (Adhesive backed - removable), 2" dot spacing, Qty 50.

Triplet Offset Targets

iWitnessPRO Codes 1 to 981 are now available in the following sizes:

- Codes 1 to 145 in the 7.91mm dot size.
- Codes 146 to 165 in the 7.91mm dot size "spinner codes".

- Codes 166 to 299 in the 5.8mm dot size "linker codes".

- Codes 300 to 399 in the 5.8mm dot size "code pointers".

- Codes 400 to 699 in the 5.8mm dot size "code frames".

- Codes 700 to 981 in the 5.8mm dot size (special order).

Beginning with iWitnessPRO V3, the "Code Offset Database" allows for blue Construction Points to be projected to corners of the codes, productively making codes "targets" for project measurement use. The Code Pointer at the bottom of this page, illustrates a computed Construction Point offset to the code's 'tip'. To see an example of five construction points projected to the corners and edge of a 5.8mm dot (code #915), click here.

To review and/or order the iWitnessPRO Code configurations, click here.

iWitnessPRO Codes

Code Pointer with Offset Const. Pt. displayed