iWitnessPRO Codes 1 to 981

Qty 48 Red Reflective Codes furnished with iWitnessPROiWitnessPRO is furnished with an initial supply of Qty. 48 (7.9 mm dot dia) re-usable coded red retroreflective targets; with the codes corresponding to numbers 1 through 48.

In larger projects with complex camera station configurations, it may be desirable to utilize a larger number of codes to facilitate and optimize the automatic measurement process. Beginning in 'PRO V3, all codes numbered 1 to 981 can be utilized with construction point offsets, making them usable as optional "targets".

Codes are mounted on 2mm black styrene "backers" for the 7.9mm dia. codes and 1mm for the 5.8mm codes.

The following optional coded targets are available by online ordering for iWitnessPRO customers. Click the blue word hyperlinks for more product information.


Codes #49 to #100 are the 7.91mm dot size and available for $139.00.
Codes #101 to #145 are the 7.91mm dot size, available for $139.00.
Spinner Codes #145 to #157 are 7.91mm dot size, available for $139.00. The design is rotatable about their vertical axis, mounted on a special base.
Linker Codes #166 to #299 are the 5.8mm dot size "linker codes", available for $139.00.
Codes Pointers #300 to #399 are the 5.8mm dot size "code pointers" and are available for $189.00.
Codes Frames #400 to #699 are the 5.8mm dot size and are available for $349.00.
Codes #700 to #981 are the 5.8mm dot size - (special order). Contact sales@iwitnessphoto.com for ordering information.
Codes #1 to #48 are sold as replacements to the original purchase of iWitnessPRO, available for $99.00.
iWitnessPRO code magnets (qty 48) can be purchased for $10.00 as an accessory for quick application of codes attached to metal surfaces. Click here for more information.

USA Orders: To order within the USA, use the On line ordering method. Shipments are typically made within 48 hours of receipt of order, depending upon stock availability. Shipping cost is included for domestic orders.

International Orders: Click here to order.

Shipping fees for the iWitnessPRO codes are an extra $15.00us per code set, and is additionally charged via Paypal money request, to the customers credit card.

Delivery Time:
iWitnessPRO coded targets are shipped via USPS and arrive at their destination within 3 days of shipping domestically and generally within 12 business days for international destinations. The customer is emailed with the tracking number for the shipment

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