iWitnessPRO Upgrade from iWitness

iWitnessPRO Upgrade for iWitness usersLicensed users of iWitness can optionally upgrade to iWitnessPRO for $1395.00. To upgrade iWitness to iWitnessPRO, the customers iWitness USB dongle key is updated via emailClick here for the process steps to upgrade.

iWitnessPRO is the most affordable automatic close-range photogrammetric measurement system available. Through the use of coded target technology especially suited to color digital cameras, iWitnessPRO allows the user to achieve accurate, fully automatic measurement of targeted feature points while retaining all the measurement flexibility contained within the manual and operator assisted measurement functions of iWitness.

With iWitnessPRO the measurement of hundreds of points in hundreds of images can be accomplished in a matter of seconds to minutes. This leads to more rapid, accurate and reliable 3D measurement results and it provides the operator with the freedom to extract further features of interest without the need to manually perform the network relative orientation.

As with iWitness, iWitnessPRO can be used with any digital camera, though the automated functions and measurement accuracy are optimized when digital SLR cameras are employed. Supplied with iWitnessPRO are the necessary re-usable red retroreflective coded targets and optionally purchased feature point targets. Coded targets can be distributed throughout the measurement volume whereas feature point targets are used to mark specific points of interest, which then do not need referencing by the operator.

The accuracy typically produced with iWitnessPRO, red retrotargets and an SLR digital camera is 1:30,000 of the size of the object. For example, when measuring the shape of an average-sized car, an accuracy in the range of around .01” (.25mm) RMS can be anticipated from a network of 20 images or so.

In short, iWitnessPRO is all of iWitness and much more. Click here to see an example project of iWitnessPRO in action.

iWitnessPRO - functionality that makes the photogrammetry difference:

Automatic Processing of RGB (color) Images: iWitnessPRO frees the user from the operational constraints associated with the use of monochromatic (B&W) coded targets and thus greatly enhances measurement flexibility. Color retroreflective targeting is a technology first for iWitnessPRO, yet such powerful automated measurement capability is now available for $2395.00

Coded targets 1 to 48: iWitnessPRO comes complete with forty eight coded targets. Additional coded targets (up to 165) can be purchased at an additional fee.

Fully automatic measurement of Feature Point Targets - FPT's (optional).

Spinner Codes (optional): These 360 degree rotatable coded targets are used to enhance the measurement of objects ranging from whole cars to the complete surrounds of a crime scene. They enhance network orientation reliability because they can be rotated to be seen in a greater number of images.

Linking: Linking functions in conjunction with the iWitness 3D Transformation to Control, which offers the ability both to automatically link multiple projects together in the 3D Graphics View and to export the measurement results as one cohesive whole in CAD-compatible DXF format.

Additional Utility Programs included with iWitnessPRO

Zaraf: The photogrammetric interior orientation function necessary when measuring from scanned photographic prints or slides is performed by Zaraf. Unlike traditional approaches, Zaraf achieves the interior orientation by directly generating transformed, resampled digital images which simulate those recorded by a chosen camera. This greatly simplifies subsequent photogrammetric orientation in both iWitness and iWitnessPRO.

XYRectify: The function of XYRectify is to create rectified images of planar surfaces from oblique images. The rectified images can then be treated as scale-homogeneous 2D maps and they thus support the measurement of XY coordinates within the rectification plane. This allows, for example, accuracy measurements of positions on a roadway from oblique photographs, or measurements on a building façade from street level images.


- The iWitnessPRO upgrade is available in the US for $1395.00 and 2-Day shipping charges. To order, use the On line method. Shipments are typically made within 48 hours of receipt of order.

- iWitness is available for International orders, for $995.00. Shipping charges will also apply. Click here to order.

Delivery Time:

iWitness is shipped 2-3 day delivery within the USA and generally within ten business days for international destinations. The customer is emailed with the tracking number for the shipment.

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