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Welcome to the Products Page. Click on a product image below for details and ordering information.

All photogrammetric products noted below requires an initial iWitness or iWitnessPRO license purchased from this website or through a purchase order with DeChant Consulting Services-DCS Inc.

 iWitnessPRO Upgrade (for iWitness customers)
iWitness photogrammetry software system iWitnessPRO Upgrade software system for iWitness users iWitnessPRO photogrammetry software system
 $1095.00 Learn More…
 $1395.00 Learn More…
 $2395.00 Learn More…
iWitnessPRO-Agilis -

UAV Photogrammetry

iWitness, Nikon D7200

& Nikkor 20mm lens

iWitnessPRO, Nikon D7200

& Nikkor 20mm lens

iWitness & Nikon D7100
iWitnessPRO & Nikon D7100

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Calibrated Nikon D7200 with Nikkor 20mm lens
Weighted Style Photogrammetric Markers
Cone Style Photogrammetric Markers
Calibrated Nikon D7100 with Nikkor 20mm lens
DCS Weighted style photogrammetric markers
DCS Cone style photogrammetric markers
$2,295.00 Learn More…    
$479.00 per set Learn More…
$190.00 per set Learn More…
Weighted Style Photogrammetric

Dot Markers (DM's)

Red-Retroreflective Targets & Codes (iWitnessPRO)
Passive & Magnetic Targets (iWitness and iWitnessPRO)
Red Retro Reflective Photogrammetry Targets
Passive Photogrammetry Targets
$199.00 per set Learn More…  Learn More…  Learn More…
Auto Cal Calibration Codes and Placards
Specialized Photogrammetric Targets
Precison Scale Bars
AutoCal Calibration Placards
 $95.00 per set Learn More…       $169.00 for 20 Learn More…
$89.00 for two Learn More…