Feature Point Targets

Feature Point Targets for automatic measurement in the iWitness photogrammetry softwareFeature Point Targets (FPTs) were designed for fully automatic measurement with iWitnessPRO, or semi automatic measurement with iWitness. The red reflective target is adhesive backed, with an additional designed "point-tip" well suited for forensic applications. The FPT is quickly applied and removed from surfaces. The FPT "tip" can also be measured (referenced) in the traditional operator-assisted method in both iWitness and iWitnessPRO.

For and expanded view of the FPTs, click here.

Usage: The performance of FPT's is optimized when using a digital camera with onboard flash, or optionally an external flash in combination with the iWitnessPRO software system.

Range: The FPT red reflective dot diameter is .3" (7.6mm) permitting automatic measurement in iWitnessPRO, or semi automatic measurement in iWitness to a distance of approximately 25' (7.62m) based on dot size diameter.

Feature Point Targets are supplied as quantity 200 per set, 40 per sheet. Each set of 200 FPT's can be purchased for $59.00. Shipping costs are an additional $5.00 for domestic orders, where shipping fees for international orders are calculated depending on the destination and included in the total order cost.

USA Orders: To order FPT's within the USA, use the Online ordering method.

International Orders: To order FPT's, click here to order.
Shipping weight is additionally calculated, and added to the total fee charged to the customers credit card.

Delivery Time:
Feature Point Targets
are shipped via FedEx Ground and arrive at their destination within 4 days of shipping within the USA and generally within 5 to 7 business days for international destinations. The customer is emailed with the tracking number for the shipment.

Optional MFPTs: Customers can optionally "recycle" FPTs for repeat use beyond the performance-life of the "sticky back" adhesive by purchasing MFPTs. Click here to learn more about Magnetic Feature Point Targets (MFPTs.)