Weighted Style Photogrammetric
Dot Markers (DM's)

Weighted Style Photogrammetric Dot Markers (DM's) are a low-cost, close-range photogrammetric marker used by police investigators and accident reconstruction practitioners. DM's are optimized when used with the alpha character style markers (PM's) and iWitness or iWitnessPRO software systems.

Below are illustrations of the new Weighted Style DM's. The white dots are double sided and concentric. The weights are made from 8 MIL heavy duty black plastic, filled with sand. The weight of the DM is approximately three-fourths of a pound (.34 kg). DM's can be purchased in sets of twenty. The "sand bag" is supplied hook & loop Velcro that is secured to the base of the DM. Two pieces of anit-slip grip pads are also supplied, for increased resistance to high winds. DM's are made from a 3mm thick closed-cell PVC, with the target dots made from a Lexan decal material, protected with a clear UV blocking agent, making the targets weather resistant and virtually scratchproof.

DCS Dot Marker 20 per set

DCS Dot Marker for iWitness

Using a digital camera and the iWitness software system, the DM's are automatically and accurately centroid marked in the images with either a 'one mouse click' or optionally a 'cursor drag'. From terrestrial imaging, PM's can be used in both daytime and night scene mapping applications. Using the advanced project linking feature available in iWitness, police have proven DM's work excellent on crash scene mapping projects, that entailed evidence spread over hundreds of feet. DM's also work excellent when combined with Field Marker Targets.

DM Pricing:
A quantity of 20 weighted DM's can be purchased for: $199.00.

Contact sales@iwitnessphoto.com for more pricing information on international orders.