Cone Style Photogrammetric Markers

Scene diagramming made easy with Cone Style Markers

Designed by DeChant Consulting Services (DCS) Inc., Cone Style Markers assist in measuring features of interest. Noteworthy in their functionality, Cone Markers assist in fast and accurate camera orientation in iWitness. Cone Style Markers are used by law enforcement investigators across America. The combination of Cone Markers and a digital camera affords very rapid and safe image-based mapping at the scene.

Below are sample illustrations of the DCS Cone Style markers. The white dots and alpha and numeric characters that are double sided, and concentric.

Oblique view of Cone Style Marker for use with iWitnessCone Style Marker temp. mounted on a traffic coneCrash Scene in inclement weather using RPMs and iWitness

On the left: The face of a Cone Style Marker. Center: A Cone Style Marker is temporarily affixed to a *traffic cone.  On the Right: Mapping a scene over 525' using the Cone Style Markers in cooperation with the New Hampshire State Police during inclement weather conditions. The Cone Style Markers work excellent in combination with the Weighted Style Photogrammetric Markers. Cone Style Markers work well in conjunction with the iWitness target offset feature which enables the 3D point to be automatically projected to the ground for use in CAD diagrams.

Storage and Deployment
Cone Style Markers are designed to stack in a small container for easy storage in the trunk of a car, or on board an accident investigation vehicle. There is ‘no fuss’ in access, deployment or storage of the Cone Markers, which are also rugged to support long-term use and are weather resistant.

A standard set consists of 15 Cone Style Markers labels 0 to 9 and U to Z.


- A set of 15 Cone Style Markers with number/letter identifiers can be purchased for $190.00, less shipping, anywhere in the USA.

To order, use the on line method.

- The set of Cone Style Markers are shipped to most international destinations for an additional $64.00 shipping fee, per set.

Contact for more information on international orders.

Shipments are typically made within 48 hours of receipt of the order.

Inquiries regarding Cone Style Markers should be forwarded to

Delivery Time:
Cone Style Markers are shipped USPS and arrive at their destination within 3 days of shipping (domestically) and 15 days (international). The customer is emailed with the tracking number for the shipment.

* Traffic cones are not included in the purchase.

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