Strip Tape Targets (Adhesive backed)
for iWitness and iWitnessPRO

Florescent Orange Strip Tape Targets (STT's) can be used with both versions of iWitness and iWitnessPRO photogrammetry software systems. iWitnessPRO will automatically measure the STT's with the push of one-button. STT's work excellent in exemplar and crushed vehicle 3D modeling projects.

STT Photogrammetry target example

STT's are 30" (76.2cm) long and 15/16" (2.4cm) wide. The adhesive back targets can be reused multiple times. There are fifty target strips.

How STT's:
Illustrated below is an example project of 3D modeling an "exemplar" Chevy Impala as well as a wrecked vehicle of same make and model year. In this example, the police detective used the STT's and taped the passenger side rear quarter panel of the undamaged vehicle. iWitnessPRO coded targets were also used for the automatic measurement process. The STT's provided a very accurate contour mapping of the quarter panel's configuration for later comparison to the crushed vehicle characteristics. 

Below is an expanded view of the quarter panel (black color) STT targets as viewed in the iWitnessPRO 3D View. Click here for a larger image display. The exemplar and crush modeling were 100% completed in iWitnessPRO.

Targets Adhesive & Magnetic type

Click here for a photo-textured display of the crush configuration compared to the 3D wireframe of the exemplar vehicle (displayed in iWitnessPRO V2).

Click here to view the iWitnessPRO exported DXF file result as displayed in a CAD diagramming program (Crash Zone).

A quantity of 50 STT's are sold for $69.00 plus shipping.

Shipment is typically made within 48 hours of receipt of the order.

To order, use the On line method

Delivery Time:
In the U.S. A., STT's are shipped and arrive to their destination typically within 3 days.

For International orders of STT's, contact us and we will provide you pricing and payment options. International orders typically arrive to their destination within 10 business days.

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