Auto-ped fatality mapping w/ iWitness
XYRectify case example

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Why iWitness

Sample photo to be replaced "Photogrammetry allows investigators to map a crash scene in one hour, vs. traditional methods that take three hours. It alleviates congestion and reduces secondary collisions from traffic snarled during a crash scene investigation."

Federal Highways

"I spend far less time mapping as iWitness is faster than other methods we've used."

Mapping choices abound as traffic and crashes mount - quoted from Law Enforcement Technology

“With iWitness, I can measure a scene in 20 minutes says Indiana State Trooper Tom Merkling. “I’m off the road, the other driver’s off the road, and we're on and off the road a lot quicker” adds Merkling.

New Computer System Clears Accidents More Quickly - FOX News

"iWitness and XYRectify are low cost, accurate, and easy-to-use image-based measuring tools for accident reconstruction and forensic measurement."

Photo Rectification Plays an Important Role in Investigating a Two Vehicle Crash - quoted from Evidence Technology Magazine

"iWitness is a quicker and more reliable method for measuring scenes of fatal collisions."

Arizona Dept. of Public Safety - quoted from Evidence Technology Magazine

"Results using this technology has been right on with our total station measurements."

Oregon State Patrol - quoted from Law & Order Magazine

“FHP adopted iWitness statewide as it fast and reliable to use."

Florida Highway Patrol - quoted from Law & Order Magazine

"Photogrammetry is accurate and gets our roads open faster."

El Paso Police Dept. - quoted from El Paso Times

"The iWitness software is an invaluable tool in police forensics and litigation."

Close Range Photogrammetry Article - quoted from Collision Magazine

"14-18% of all crashes are the result of other incidents... 50% of traffic delays in major metropolitan areas are attributed to non-recurring incidents on major freeways."

FHWA -- Proceedings of the National Conference on Traffic Incident Management, April 2002

"After extensive research in incident management practices used by other law enforcement agencies, we selected iWitness as a value-added mapping tool for quick clearance."

Quoted from Evidence Technology Magazine Nov-Dec 2008