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"iWitnessPRO has improved our 3D modeling capabilities. The system is easy to use and achieves high-accuracy measurements equal to portable CMMs and other metrology systems we've use in the past for our applications."

Dr. James Salmon, P.E.
ITC Experts, Inc..

"iWitness is a very powerful software system. I needed to obtain some dimensions of an accident scene from photos taken with an unknown camera and iWitness came through when other photogrammetry programs I tried did not. I highly recommend this software."

Nick Eiselstein, P.E.
Project Engineer/Accident Reconstructionist

"iWitnessPRO has made scene work and vehicle measuring a breeze. This program is a "must have" for any reconstructionist wanting to save time and energy in measuring and 3D diagramming."

Shawn Gyroke
Accident Reconstructionist
Crash Data Services, LLC

"My department recently investigated two traffic fatality crashes were iWitnessPRO was used to help measure and draw a scaled diagram.  It has made our scene time shorter and also helps us by taking more accurate 3D measurements.  The program is easy to use.  I have and will continue to recommend iWitnessPRO to other departments for use in traffic investigations."

Officer Kyle Russell
Plant City Police Department

“I’m amazed at how well my iWitness measured points merged with a project also shot by our total station.”

Suzan Turley
Kent Police Department

“I’ve measured crash and crime scenes using tapes, total stations and now photogrammetry (iWitness). I can say without a doubt that photogrammetry gathers the measurements and evidence faster than any other technique I've used in the last 15 years and the accuracy is amazing.

Traffic Sargeant
Tim Kravjanski
West Vancouver Police Department

“I just mapped the exterior of a wrecked car with iWitnessPRO and it is much more efficient than a Total Station. I successfully mapped the damage using the iWitnessPRO automated codes and targets with excellent results. To map the vehicle with the Total Station (even in reflectorless mode) would have required many setups with the instrument and even then, it would’ve been much more difficult to get all of the damage due to line of sight issues. iWitnessPRO proved to be much faster, easier, and fully automatic with accuracy to thousandths of an inch”.

Wendell R. Cover

(ACTAR #787)
Accident Reconstructionist

"To place things in perspective, the cost of going to photogrammetry versus buying a total station is about half or less. Total stations aren't cheap and they aren't as flexible to use.

If I don't take enough measurements at the scene then I can't do anything about the problem at the office. Photogrammetry allows me to include more data from photos if I need to and I chose iWitness for its ease of use."


Eric Shapiro
(ACTAR #1813)
 John Fiske Brown Associates

I’ve used a competing photogrammetry program to iWitness and have been less than satisfied. I’ve listened to what other police agencies had to say proactively about iWitness and I was still skeptical of iWitness. I tried the free iWitness demo, calibrated my camera, watched the tutorials, read the manual and I must say, I was impressed! I bought it. I was quite happy with the recent DCS iWitness training course I attended and now use iWitness to measure scenes, vehicle crush and also from police photos. I can honestly say that there is no better photogrammetry software that I have used that compares to iWitness.


Lt Greg DuVal, Retired
(ACTAR #238)
Provo UT Police Department

“My firm utilizes iWitness software which allows us to reconstruct traffic crashes both new and “aged” on a day to day basis. We have found that the learning curve for the product allowed us to get up to speed and running in a short amount of time. Training new people at the firm is cost efficient and product is produced rapidly and accurately with iWitness. We have used iWitness to place vehicles, evidence, and locations of occurrence accurately within a scale map of a scene produced through iWitness from photographs taken by my firm, photographs taken by others, and a combination of the two. I am looking forward to your release of iWitnessPRO and utilizing the added features for crush workups on vehicles.”


John Howell
 John Howell & Associates LLC

“Our total station battery froze up – so it was useless on scene. I proceeded to map a 900’ highway incident w/ my digital camera in 5F temperature and then use iWitness back in the warmth of the office. Mapping a scene with a digital camera is fast and easy to accomplish in iWitness. I’ve proven many times that iWitness is extremely accurate. It’s an awesome product for investigators.”

Thomas W Quinn
 Indiana State Police

"I just used iWitness on a crash scene that was 600 feet long. My check distances agreed within one-tenth of a foot. iWitness works well for us."


E. Embry #521
 Dallas Sheriff's Department Traffic Section

“iWitness is a fantastic 3D mapping tool that provides a low-cost, accurate method of physical evidence preservation. It is especially useful for evidence recording that may initially be ignored or otherwise overlooked.”


Trooper Kip C. Ballinger
Senior Accident Reconstructionist Kansas Highway Patrol CHART

"One of our officers was called out a few days after his iWitness photogrammetry training to measure an accident scene. It took him 25 minutes using a digital camera w/iWitness, Vs what used to take us hours to measure using traditional methods.”

 Captain Dave Ferland
 Porstmouth NH Police

"My department has used other photogrammetry programs for accident scene diagramming, and in my opinion, iWitness is clearly the best in terms of speed, robustness and ease of product use."


Captain Bob Anderson
Utah Highway Patrol

"Using iWitness allowed me to document more evidence in a much more detailed manner than what could have been accomplished using our total station."


Lieutenant Jeff Westrum
 Minnesota State Patrol

"We are a small agency but effectively mapped a dual fatal crash at night in less than 40 minutes with iWitness. The time spent standing in traffic is cut by two-thirds in our experience.

Sergeant Scott Peck
Draper City Police Department

"iWitness’ 3D data export is so much easier and faster to get into our diagramming program Vs our total station.”


Sgt Paul Ramsey
 El Paso Police Department

"I just used iWitness on a case - it worked flawlessly.”


Lt. Matt Langer
 Minnesota State Patrol

"iWitness is so much easier to use than other photogrammetry programs.”


Sgt. John Allen

 Arizona Department of Public Safety

"Fast, accurate and reasonably priced. A must in accident reconstruction mapping tools.”


 Sgt. John Hunter, Retired
 (ACTAR #48)
 Washington State Patrol

"iWitness is a boon to court presentations on collision cases. I can defend my diagram because I’m drawing it off the photographs.”


Sgt. Danny Hannigan
 Arizona Department of Public Safety

"We use iWitness across the state. It's simple to use. I sweat far less out there, as I'm done mapping the scene in less time compared to other measuring methods I've used in the past.”


Cpl. Dave Templeton
 Florida Highway Patrol

"I'm amazed by what this software will do. The training we received was absolutely excellent.”


Deputy Bill Mattke
 Racine County Sheriff's Office

"I use iWitness for our aerial surveys mapping crash scenes. I've compared the accuracy of this method to ground-based check distances, and they're dead-on."


Senior Trooper Theodore Waite
 Wisconsin State Patrol

“I feel hundreds of times more confident using your program over a total station. Your training was excellent and you have solidified that you are backing this product 100 percent.”

 Officer Criag Barnhardt
 Lewisville, TX Police Department

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