iWitness 'Quick Reference' Tip Sheets

We are often asked for one-page “tip sheets” regarding the fieldwork imaging requirements and post-measurement (computer work) in iWitness.

The following PDF links are provided to assist you in taking the pictures properly with your film or digital camera, as well as the fundamental tasks of computer work for 3D measurement within iWitness.

Field Work Picture Taking - Key Tasks:

iWitness tipsheet.pdf

Fieldwork attachment A.pdf

Basic Steps to producing the iWitness 3D Model:

iWitness steps.pdf

From image import, to DXF export using iWitness users guide (5Mb):

iWitness tutorial.pdf

iWitnessPRO 'Quick Reference' Tip Sheet

iWitnessPRO - Quick Reference Guide .5Mb PDF