iWitness Demonstrations

Listed below are a few iWitness demonstrations carried out with US State Law Enforcement Officers and Accident Reconstruction Practitioners.

iWitness and iWitnessPRO at WATAI click here

iWitness Advanced Training Mapping Project with Indiana State Police - click here (1Mb PDF)

iWitness and iWitnessPRO applications movie - click here (18Mb wmv)

iWitness and iWitnessPRO at IPTM 2009 - click here

iWitness and XYRectify change police charges 885Kb PDF

iWitness mapping of the 2008 Pennsylvania State Police conference crash 207Kb PDF

iWitness presented at the 2008 SCARS confernece
(RC helicopter example) 10MB wmv movie

Aerial Mapping by Georgia Police and iWitness
This project was an impromptu example of low-flying helicopter imaging with a consumer grade digital camera, imaged by an Officer of the Atlanta Police Department. Aerial intersection mapping - Atlanta PD (2Mb SWF movie).

CALFIRE implements iWitness in statewide operations
In cooperation with DeChant Consulting Services - DCS Inc, the California Department of Forestry has implemented iWitness throughout the state of California as an important component in their fire investigations. A project example in the DCS training workshop was accomplished with sixty-six CALFIRE Investigators in attendance.

NHSP and iWitness
This 500' crash scene demonstration was carried out with troopers of the New Hampshire State Police. iWitness mapped qty. 261, 3D natural feature points combined with DCS automatic reference point markes (RPMs) in less than a hour of on-scene time, during inclement weather. NHSP mapping project 800Kb PDF

Minnesota State Patrol and iWitness
This aerial photogrammetry demonstration was accomplished with troopers of the Minnesota State Patrol. MnSP aerial scene mapping.

IAARS 2005 - Meridian, Idaho
This demonstration (see the actual crash video) compared an EDM total station to the iWitness image- based measurement system. Officials from the Idaho Department of Transportation noted the time comparison, where iWitness mapped twice the 3D points, in half the time compared to the total station. IAARS 475Kb PDF

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