iWitness is photogrammetry made simple. It is unmatched by any other photogrammetric software in its price range for converting real-world features into 2D and 3D measurements and models.

To learn more about fully automatic measurement, see:

iWitnessPRO, and the new iWitnessPRO-Agilis. for UAV photogrammetry.

iWitness is easy to use. The software incorporates the best camera "relative orientation" methods available in close-range photogrammetry software. The user simply marks the same image locations in two or more overlapping photos, and iWitness automatically processes the 3D modeled points, lines, polylines and photo texturing. Click here to see a list of features why iWitness is the best in image-based measurement for accident reconstruction and forensics.

iWitness is powerful and extensible enough to meet your project needs. Its "project network linking" capability allows the user to "stitch" multiple projects scenes into an accurate, composite 3D model. These "linked scenes" export as a single DXF file which include PT ID's, Text String Descriptions, 3D points, lines, facet & free-form polylines and photo-textures to CAD packages.

How iWitness works

For more information, take our tour. We also encourage you to experience iWitness for yourself by downloading our free demo.

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