Features - iWitness and iWitnessPRO

iWitnessPRO is a fully automatic image-based measurement system that provides low-cost, extremely fast, high accuracy 3D modeling.

iWitnessPRO is the industry first (and only) fully automatic measurement sytem capable of measuring RGB (color) images using red retroreflective coded target technology.
With iWitnessPRO the measurement of hundreds of points in hundreds of images can be accomplished in a matter of seconds to minutes.

Red Codes are used as feature point targets via "Construction Point Offset" functionality in iWitnessPRO

Use red codes for measured feature points in your project requiring sub-millemeter accuracy. Traditional manual point referencing, and use of signalized targets can also be measured in the same project network.

iWitnessPRO automatically links up to 12 networks via common LINKER CODES, shared between each "linked" networks, using codes 166-299

Image hundreds for images and iWitnessPRO will automatically ink them into the same (common) XYZ coordinate system so that the entire project is exported to CAD as one DXF file.

Support for measuring almost a quantity of 1000 red codes (1 to 981)

iWitnessPRO can measuring hundreds of red reflective coded targets in the same project network. Further, the same codes can be recycled in numerous projects to support complex measurement scenes, e.g. forensic crime scenes is just one example.

Industry first: Zoom-dependent (Z-D) calibration (iWitnessPRO)
Perform a one-time Z-D calibration which allows the focal length of a telephoto lens to be zoomed in a project and permit "metric" measurements.

iWitness' image-based measurement features have proven to be the optimal choice in accident reconstruction and forensic investigations.

Powerful photogrammetric orientation processes

This is the value and power of iWitness and iWitnessPRO. Its automated photogrammetric image orientation and positioning are unsurpassed in any other turnkey, low-cost software system.

Automatic camera calibrations made simple and fast
Based on methods used in robust photogrammetric triangulation processes, the calibration feature in iWitness accounts for your camera’s internal orientation parameters. The image measuring phase of the calibration can be accomplished in either semi or fully automatic modes. There is no better camera calibration method available.

Generation of Polylines and Texture Extractions.
Ability to generate facet and free form polyline curves and edges from non-corresponding image points. View an example video of this feature (1.5Mb AVI).

Accurate, one-key target centroiding for auto-assisted point marking.
View an example video of this feature (280Kb AVI).

Interactive Entry of Control Points with combined target offsetting for Coordinate Transformation.

iWitness is the only close-range photogrammetry system that works directly with total station (Z-axis offset) control point coordinate valves. This means greater flexibility in working with other measurement systems when control points are optionally used to 'link' the photogrammetry to the same coordinate system as that of the total station.

An intuitive user interface
Non-photogrammetrists find iWitness easy to master. In a few simple steps, iWitness translates your 2D image points from two or more photos into accurate 3D positions.

Efficient and fast project "stitching" of photogrammetric networks
iWitness incorporates innovative and highly advanced coordinate transformation tools for linking multiple projects together regardless of the size of the overall measurement range. View an example project NHSP 500' scene (800Kb PDF)

Axis Inclination (accurate leveling of the XY datum plane)
iWitness is the first close-range photogrammetry package that takes into account the slope of the scene being measured. For example, for a road section with an uphill or downhill gradient, the XY plane can be leveled (Z truly vertical) when combined with a low cost digital inclinometer used for recording the slope angles of the road.

Applying a Z-coordinate offset
The Z-coordinate of the point can be adjusted by a desired offset, keyed in by the user. This is a powerful feature for projecting measured points to surfaces from e.g., traffic cone tips, evidence marker targets and many other objects recorded in the digital images. The result of the Z-coordinate offset is automatically recognized in the DXF export for CAD use.

Quality indicators ensure accuracy
There's no guesswork in iWitness; its automated "Review-mode" capabilities keeps track of the integrity of the 3D model throughout the entire measurement process.

A graphics capability for network analysis and export of 3D measurement results in DXF format for CAD analysis

The iWitness "3D Viewer" allows the user to view the model, to measure, and to perform various geometric analysis functions within the interactive viewer. If further CAD analysis is desired, a user can export the model in DXF format.

ZARAF: Zaraf carries out the photogrammetric interior orientation function on scanned photographic prints or slides to enable their use in iWitness. The program generates transformed, resampled digital images from the scanned images for direct import into iWitness. These generated images are then treated as though they were recorded with a digital camera. ZARAF.exe is available in iWitness Version 1.5 and iWitnessPRO V1.0.

FOOM: The Focal length FrOm One IMage process involves marking points in a single image which correspond to object points in the photographed scene that have known 3D coordinates. By this method, the necessary camera focal length and lens distortion information for photogrammetric processing in iWitness can be obtained from a single image from an unknown camera. Click here to see an example of FOOM

XYRectify: The function of XYRectify is to create rectified images of planar surfaces from oblique images. The rectified images can then be treated as scale-homogeneous 2D maps and they thus support the measurement of XY coordinates within the rectification plane. This allows, for example, accuracy measurements of positions on a roadway from oblique photographs, or measurements on a building façade from street level images. XYRectify is available in iWitnessPRO V1.0

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