System Requirements
To run the iWitness demo, you need a PC with:
1. Pentium III processor (or higher) with Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or newer operating systems
2. Minimum 256MB of RAM
3. 100MB of free hard disk
4. CD-ROM drive (2x+)
5. Means of importing images recorded with a digital camera
6. USB Port for dongle key
7. Mouse (preferably with scroll wheel) or other pointing device

iWitness Demo Download

Interested in trying out iWitness? Download our free demo version and accompanying tutorials.

Free Tutorial Video

Please download our free demo project video (26 Mb AVI) to refer to while exploring the 30-day trial version of iWitness. The video is designed to provide a general overview of the primary tools in iWitness necessary for creating 3D object models and image-based measurements. Special attention is given to creating full multi-image 3D measurements involving no more than left-mouse clicks, while using a total of five toolbar buttons to do the tasks. The video reviews the importing of digital images, through project editing and "inspection/reviewing", to optionally exporting the results to a CAD system.

Note: for Internet downloading purposes, our demonstration movie was compressed, as it is approximately 30 minutes in length. To listen to the video, you'll need a headset or speakers. You may need to adjust the volume in your Windows Media Player, or from your Control Panel+ Sounds and Audio Devices.

Free iWitness Demo

The iWitness demo program is designed for 30 days of trial use on non-commercial projects. You can follow along the demo video using the exact same demo project images. Upon installation, the demonstration project images are placed in folder C:\iWitness Projects\Demonstration. The installation demo is a 22.6 Mb .exe file (please review the system requirements at left.) You may also visit our optimal settings FAQ on our FAQ page, which includes several other helpful AVI and WMV movies.

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