Accuracy Studies

iWitness is clearly the most accurate low-cost close-range photogrammetry software commercially sold. Recent field testing revealed iWitness compared to a total station to an accuracy level of 11mm (RMS 1-sigma).

A recent higher precision test compared iWitness to two Vision Metrology Software Systems for industrial measurement. The results revealed that iWitness is capable of 3D measurement to better than 1:50,000 of the object size using a non-metric digtial camera.

We encourage you to review these project studies. Depending on what your requirements are, and upon the size of the object and the selected camera, iWitness can measure your project to an accuracy level ranging from a few centimeters, all the way down to 20 microns (i.e., less than a thousandth of an inch).

iWitness compared to Total Station (Spring, 2007 at NCDOJ)

Carried out in conjunction with members of North Carolina Police Officers (NCDOJ), Spring 2007

"... the results indicated an accuracy agreement of iWitness with an EDM total station to an average of 7/16" (11mm) over a test range area spanning approximately 75 feet (wide) by 125 feet (long)."

Report on Accuracy Test of iWitness 3D Measurement System

Carried out by Photometrix, Melbourne, Australia

"... iWitness has demonstrated an accuracy, equivalent to that achieved with high-end vision metrology systems. Testing revealed iWitness is capable of producing accurate measurements better than one-thousandth of an inch."

(This report is also available in PDF format (52kb))

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