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Photogrammetry Technology Speeds Crash Investigations

Bellevue, WA. – June 19th, 2009 - DeChant Consulting Services DCS-Inc, provider of the versatile close-range photogrammetry system iWitness™, has announced the decision by the Indiana State Police (ISP) to adopt iWitness as an important component of their standard operating procedure for accident reconstruction and scene documentation. The Indiana State Police will be using photogrammetry technology in select Indiana interstate locations, with the intention of expansion of the system across the state.

Close-Range Photogrammetry is a computer-based technology which utilizes a software system (iWitness) and digital camera images for the creation of highly accurate scale diagrams of crash or crime scenes. By comparison, a fatal crash scene may take several hours for investigators to collect evidence and measurements to prepare a scale diagram utilizing traditional historical methods. Now, utilizing iWitness, the same crash scene can be documented by investigators in a fraction of the time, sometimes less than 30 minutes. The officers receiving the iWitness training are assigned to areas along the I-69 corridor from the Indiana-Michigan state line to Indianapolis and I-65 from Chicago to Louisville. The goal of this new technology is to cut the crash investigation time to allow the roadways cleared and opened quicker which equates to less delay time for the motoring public.

The stimulus for the photogrammetry software system has been the Indiana Traffic Incident Management Effort or IN-TIME. IN-TIME is a host of Indiana agencies dedicated to safer and more expedient traffic flow. The goal of IN-TIME is to cut the time roadways are shut down due to the response and investigation of major and even minor traffic incidents. Through grants provided by the Indiana Department of Transportation, Indiana Department of Revenue Motor Carrier Services, the Indiana Toll Road, and the Federal Highway Administration, funds have been provided to train and equip 22 officers around the state. The week long training was conducted by DeChant Consulting Services on June 15-19, 2009 at the Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division on the southwest side of Indianapolis.

Sixteen state troopers were joined in the training by officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and five sheriff’s departments, Clark County, Johnson County, Tippecanoe County, Boone County, and Delaware County. All officers received 10MP digital SLR cameras, other related photogrammetry equipment and the iWitness photogrammetry software.

As part of their standard operating procedure, troopers will initiate the program using an electronic form, recording incident time for the goal of "quick clearance", using the image-based measurement approach during traffic accident investigations.

About DeChant Consulting Services – DCS Inc
Lee DeChant, President of DeChant Consulting Services, has implemented close-range photogrammetry systems across North America and believes iWitness is the optimal image-based mapping technology for accident reconstruction, based on its low-cost, robust online data processing and its simple operation. DeChant Consulting Services has assisted state, local and county police departments in implementing photogrammetry technology, as it becomes a standard for police accident documentation and forensic measurement.

DeChant Consulting Services is the distributor of iWitness and offers turnkey photogrammetry solutions to a range of customers, including police and transportation agencies, accident reconstruction practitioners, industrial engineering firms and universities. DeChant Consulting Services is headquartered in Bellevue, WA.

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