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Florida Highway Patrol Upgrades to iWitnessPRO - Statewide Operations

Bellevue, WA. – July 20th, 2011 - DeChant Consulting Services DCS-Inc, provider of the versatile close-range photogrammetry system iWitnessPRO™, has announced that Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) will adopt iWitnessPRO as a central component of their standard operating procedure for accident reconstruction and three-dimensional crime scene documentation. iWitnessPRO provides enhanced levels of measurement automation and productivity over the companion iWitness photogrammetric package which has been successfully employed in statewide traffic incident management operations by FHP since 2005.

The iWitnessPRO photogrammetric measurement system utilizes digital camera images for rapid, automated creation of highly accurate 3D models and diagrams of crash or crime scenes, offering significant advantages in both time and the extent of recorded evidence detail over alternative forensic measurement methods. iWitnessPRO allows on-scene time at serious crash scenes to be reduced from several hours to 10s of minutes, hence minimizing traffic disruption. Moreover, iWitnessPRO offers the capability of fully automatic measurement, while retaining all the flexibility for the operator assisted measurement functions that have made iWitness a leading technology choice for traffic accident reconstruction.

FHP will employ the high accuracy iWitnessPRO technology to enhance productivity in the 3D documentation and analysis of traffic accident and felony crime scenes. iWitnessPRO has demonstrated productivity improvements of up to 60% when compared to more manually intensive measurement techniques. 

Due to the ease of use of iWitnessPRO, only minimal training will be required for the 140 FHP troopers currently involved across the state in accident reconstruction using image-based iWitness technology. Operations with iWitnessPRO will commence in August.

About DeChant Consulting Services – DCS Inc

Lee DeChant, President of DeChant Consulting Services, has implemented close-range photogrammetry systems across North America and believes iWitness is the optimal image-based mapping technology for accident reconstruction, based on its low-cost, robust online data processing and its simple operation. DeChant Consulting Services has assisted numerous state and local police departments to implement photogrammetry technology, as it becomes a standard for police accident documentation and forensic measurement.

DCS is the distributor and co-developer of iWitness, offering turnkey photogrammetry solutions to a range of customers, including police and transportation agencies, accident reconstruction practitioners, industrial engineering firms and universities. DeChant Consulting Services is headquartered in Bellevue, WA.

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