Corporate Information

DeChant Consulting Services - DCS Inc., Bellevue, WA, USA, is the co-developer, sales and distribution firm for iWitness. DCS is part of the iWitness software development team with Photometrix of Australia. With 25 years experience in close range photogrammetry in the fields of engineering and accident reconstruction, DCS is ideally suited to helping your company implement the best turnkey close range photogrammetry solutions available for 3D measurement and modeling. DCS offers the iWitness software, photogrammetrically calibrated digital cameras and specialized photogrammetric targeting concepts. DCS also provides iWitness training and consulting services to private and government agencies.

Photometrix is a Melbourne, Australia based company offering specialist systems and consulting services in digital photogrammetric measurement. The Photometrix product line includes the internationally renowned Australis software system for automated off-line vision metrology and camera calibration, and iWitness, a robust, flexible, inexpensive and easy-to-use software package developed primarily for accident reconstruction and forensic photogrammetry. Photometrix also offers services and software in the fields of geospatial information extraction from satellite imagery and aerial photogrammetry.