• iWitnessPRO-Agilis - 500,000 FBM points from 176 UAV images
  • iWitnessPRO-Agilis - Mesh from 176 UAV images
  • Targetless Feature Based Modeling - iWitnessPRO-Agilis
  • Create Digital Surface Models: export as DXF,PTS,PLY, LAS
  • Single Image Trace (Monoplot) from the 3D Point Cloud
  • State Troopers measure an incident with iWitnessPRO
  • Scene measurement time is reduced by 50% using iWitness
  • Troopers map a complex crash scene over 1000' in 70 minutes
  • iWitnessPRO measures a crashed and burned vehicle
  • iWitnessPRO Crush and Exemplar analysis: 3D Graphics View
  • Automatic homicide scene mapping using 'PRO's Coded Targets
  • iWitnessPRO is used internationally by Law Enforcement
  • Police create accurate CAD models from iWitness scene images
  • iWitness is used by state, local and county police
  • Reverse Engineering: 3D modeling for flight analysis
  • Reverse Engineering: canvas boat cover manufacturing
  • 3D models to 2D flat pattern for custom boat covers
  • CAD rendered iWitnessPRO 3D model and 2D unrolled patterns
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Fast, Accurate and Affordable 3D Measurement and Modeling
iWitness, iWitnessPRO and iWitnessPRO-Agilis are exceptionally easy-to-use close-range photogrammetric software systems that provide fast and accurate 3D measurements and object models from digital camera images.

iWitness features semi-automatic and operator-assisted 3D point determination and is widely used around the world for forensic 3D measurement and mapping.

iWitnessPRO supports fully automatic image-based 3D measurement of targeted object points and is widely used in engineering, architecture, heritage recording, animation and forensic 3D modeling.

iWitnessPRO-Agilis is capable of producing fully textured 3D object models through automated network orientation and object reconstruction via dense image matching. The generation of a DSM, coupled with monoplotting, make this photogrammetry software particularly well suited to 3D feature extraction and terrain modeling from UAV imagery.

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